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and join the good energy and vibes we have inside the private Facebook Group ~ Career Happy Hour. 

I am your host, LaShena Recruitalina, and I am absolutely obsessed with your success! 

So I lovvve sharing tips and techniques I have learned from decades as a corporate recruiter and marketeer to 

- help thousands of people to land jobs/promotions & uplevel their career as well as 
- help small business and major tech companies to expand their brand and land clients/customers.

I also have the ahhmazing pleasure to interview guest hosts who pop in to share a little bit about their "career story" while we also talk about normalizing earning six figures so you can Rock Your Oomph with the secret sauce that is only YOURS to give to the world.

I guarantee that Career Happy Hour will put a little Happy back into having a fulfilling and successful career and business!
  • Weekly tips, techniques and training on how we've helped our clients land jobs/promotions, clients, and customers by leveraging their professional/personal brand
  • Special pops in from guest speakers...
  • A community of like minded, driven, and heart centered professionals
  • Relax, enjoy and Learn!
Cheers & xos 💋
LaShena Recruitalina
LaShena "Recruitalina" Matthews
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Helping career professionals to maximize their oomph by staying recruitable, visible, and profitable.
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